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October 27th, 2011 | Posted by ChrisG - (Comments Off)

Analyse Image Colors using PHP

I was asked to develop a search extension for open cart that would allow customers to search product images by color. This is similar to the search by color that Google images uses. In order to make this extension work I needed an algorithm that would analyse the colors in an image and match it … Read more

OpenCart 1.5 Database Diagram

These diagrams are specifically for OpenCart I’ve broken them up into 7 different diagrams so its easier to view them on screen. All associations are shown including associations to tables on different diagrams. Below is a list of the tables that appear on each diagram.   Webstore This contains tables relating to the configuration, … Read more

uniCenta oPOS DB Diagrams

This is the Database Diagram (Schema) for uniCenta oPOS v2.80. This installation was converted to use MySQL and all the tables are shown here. I’m not 100% sure about the relationships that I’ve shown and I’m sure that I’ve missed a few. The naming convention of the fields isn’t as easy as it could be … Read more

AStar Pathfinder Test Application

APPLICATION Download AITest (A-Star) Pathfinder cpp and exe files (ZIP) This application allows you to load in a 2D map that has nodes marked, and then using A-Star path finding, find the most direct route between 2 nodes. You will be able to watch the A-Star search algorithm taking place to gain a better understanding … Read more