vQmod doesn’t seem to be doing anything?!?

February 10th, 2012 | Posted by ChrisG in vQmod

So here’s the deal.

I installed vQmod successfully and created some XML files using vqgen, but when I ran opencart the updates weren’t working. It appeared that vQmod wasn’t actually doing anything.

After about on hour of checking web forums, files and privileges I realised that the files generated by vqgen ended in .xml_ and not .xml

Dumb noob mistake!

Make sure the files are enabled in vqgen!

  • Click on the vQmod files tab in vqgen
  • Click the green tick next to the file to enable the file

how to enable vQmod files in vqgen

Note also that the files become disabled everytime you edit them, so don’t forget to re-enable them.

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