October 27th, 2011 | Posted by ChrisG - (Comments Off)

Welcome to Colab-Aktiv.

Hopefully you will find some useful information or interesting articles here. Most of the material has been published either because I use it for quick reference or because I couldn’t find the information easily on the internet and I had to research, develop or compile it myself. In the interests of collaboration I am publishing it so that others my make use of it.

Colab-Aktiv was originally conceived many years ago with a dear friend of mine and the philosophy of Colab-Aktiv is contained in the name. “Colab” is short for “Collaborative Laboratories” and the “Aktiv” part is there because it’s all about active collaboration – well something like that anyway. So in the spirit of Colab-Aktiv you’ll find useful bits and pieces that you can take away and use as you want.

Initially the site will contain two main sections.

Software Development
Here you find any thing related to software development (both web and application) including code snippets, how-to guides and diagrams for open source applications and the like.

My personal views on the world, theories, ideas and things I’ve written for uni that I think someone (anyone?) might be interest in.


Feel free to leave comments or suggestions but please keep it constructive and civil.

- Chris G